Welcome To our Family Farm!

Balto Farms is a small, family owned farm out in Delaware County, PA. We started with 3 Nubian goats- Happy, Basil, and Petunia. Our herd has expanded over the last 4 years to include our newest ladies too (Azzie, Cindy, Scarlett, Blanche, Sunny, Muffin, & Sweetums) and our 2 bucks- Hank and Thunder. We also bought Grandpa Joe’s Buttercup, our sweet pony, to use in traveling farm education. Soon after, we realized she needed a friend and we adopted Tawnee. To round out the farm, we have 15 egg-laying chickens and a lovely, happy pair of Rouen ducks named Donald & Daisy. All of the proceeds go directly into the humane care and feeding of all the animals on the farm. 

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